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Kimberly Hawkey is a singer, dreamer, lyricist and song revivalist based in lower New York State. Floating between New York City, the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains, Kimberly chooses American Song to spread light, love and connection to the wider world. She paints a time-defying soundscape using her crystal-clear voice across familiar and original melodies; at times soaring and whimsical; at times brassy and witty - but rarely without an element of surprise. Supported by a world-class jazz ensemble, Kimberly's vision of Hollywood-esque romance coupled with the spirit of America's truest voices comes to full screen. A modern experience of new and old, audiences can expect to hear a thoughtfully curated blend of vaudeville, hot jazz, folk music, cabaret and contemporary jazz flowing seamlessly through the ages. Kimberly's stage performances are an escapist's dream, allowing the listener to drift into the transformative, and often nostalgic, sea of collective story, sound and song. Read Kimberly's Full Bio.

Kimberly's debut EP, ELVANELLE & THE ESCAPE ACT, will be available Spring 2017 on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, or may be purchased directly through the artist on this website.


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Elvanelle & The Escape Act

by Kimberly Hawkey

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Kimberly Hawkey presents Elvanelle & The Escape Act: a time-defying curation of song and spirit. American music is re-spun into an impassioned collection of soundscapes from the idioms of vaudeville, hot jazz, folk, cabaret and contemporary music. With the support of a world-class band, Kimberly's Elvanelle connects the listener through the expanse of time and realm. This album is an escapist's dream: an invitation to wade into the transformative, and often nostalgic, sea of collective story, sound and song.