First Look & Live Premiere!

Dear Friends,

I'm very excited to write you today. The album progress is in it's final stages (although it's felt like that for a few months now!). But I can confirm that the album artwork is nearly complete, after which I will be able to order the hard copies and send them off to you with your Rewards. If you are in the NYC/Rockland/Westchester area, please mark your calendars for Saturday, March 18th. This will be the live premiere of music from my album, featuring a 5-piece jazz band. You'll finally get to hear all the crazy and sentimental arrangements we put together for songs by Johnny Mercer, Jule Styne, Hoagy Carmichael, Richard Rodgers, Luther Vandross and myself! Be sure to call the number on the flyer to make reservations. It is a very intimate club; one of it's loveliest features. Or join me on Facebook and invite an adventurous friend. 

Elvanelle & The Escape Act (Premiere) - March 18th

Elvanelle & The Escape Act (Premiere) - March 18th

Now please enjoy this short teaser filmed by Ryan McGovern (

Check out my latest Email Update for more upcoming shows, and information on how to host an in-home concert this year! Please be in touch if you'd like more details.

Your friend,

Kimberly (aka Elvanelle) ;)

Kim Hawkey is #elvanelle (2017) (11/19/16)

ARCHIVE 11/19/16

The album is slated to be release to the public early 2017. Thank you all for your patience! The tracks are coming along beautifully and I have decided to take my time with the mixing and release to ensure this project keeps it's integrity and focus. The additional time has allowed me a visionbordering on fantasy, of the story that is told through the album. The central character was born in my mind just as I was exploring alternate names for my persona - not out of need, but out of curiosity and playfulness. The name that came to me is ELVANELLE

Elvanelle is representative of my current artist. The Kim Hawkey that you know. We are the same. But in addition, Elvanelle invites voices of the past to join us in the present. She is the collective unconscious of every life that has ever been. I do believe that we are surrounded by and even made up of mixtures of energies once belonging to those of the past. I feel connected to this energy when I sing and thus want to honor it with a name I adore and feel equally connected to. (It doesn't need to be complicated or hocus-pocus-y. Just think about an ancestor or a passed relative who you always felt was by your side.) Not just a voice of the past, Elvanelle is also the present and the future. It's the ever-changing current of mass connection that is reflected in musical traditions and trends. Another way to say it - good music is timeless even though the sonic surface may shift!

"Elvanell Ellison"

"Elvanell Ellison"

Elvanell Ellison was a real woman. I only know that she was born on September 13, 1917 in New Mexico. She was married, divorced and then moved to California where she died in 1995. She collected sheet music in the 30s and 40s. I know because I own part of her collection. I bought a stack of it on Ebay for $25 not knowing where it came from or if anyone even cared about the music. Elvanell cared to the point of handwriting her name on every piece she owned. "Elvanell Ellison" right there on the cover. I couldn't help but wonder: Did she drink coffee? - Where did she get married? - Was she happy? - What was her favorite song? - Did she sing?. So many questions of the past that we can only leave to the imagination and perhaps some well-conducted research. I prefer not knowing too much about her. I get a warm feeling when I think about this mysterious, music-loving person from the past. I think I can probably guess the answers. I also think Elvanell would love be involved in the future of this music. I believe her memory crossed my path for a reason, considering I could not get her name out of my head after seeing it. Thus, I am adding an "E" and keeping it for my own. I will use it with intrigue and respect in association to this project - Maybe not forever, but for as long as it feels right. With love and thanks to Elvanell and the other voices of the past that brought me here. From Kimberly.

PS: Images rolling in! Photos by fellow singer and artist, Lauren Desberg. . Makeup by Priscilla Perez. Album cover art by the tremendously talented Hollie Chastain in the works.

Unedited proofs by photographer Lauren Desberg.

Unedited proofs by photographer Lauren Desberg.

Thumbnails of artwork by Hollie Chastain, the artist I have selected for the Album Cover. Click to see her mesmerizing collages.

Thumbnails of artwork by Hollie Chastain, the artist I have selected for the Album Cover. Click to see her mesmerizing collages.

Questions? Thoughts? Please be in touch, my friends :)

Or come see me in person:

  • Sat 11/19 Swing Session at the Red Room - 85 East 4th Street, NYC. 3rd Fl. 11:00pm until 2:00am. Open session. Dance, drink, play. No Cover
  • Wed 11/30 Winston Restaurant - 130 Main Street, Mt. Kisco NY. 6:00 until 9:00pm. No music charge. Delicious food.
  • 12/7, 12/8, 12/10, 12/15, 12/16 Holiday Tea Musicales at Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts - Afternoon concerts paired with tea in the Rosen House. Selling out.

Open & Release... (10/14/16)

ARCHIVE 10/14/16

Taken at Clayton Jazz Festival last month. Photo: Carina Novello

Taken at Clayton Jazz Festival last month. Photo: Carina Novello

These words have been popping into my mind constantly for the past few months. Sometimes I write the phrase down when it comes to me. Sometimes I sit with it for a while to understand why it keeps coming back. Whether intentional or not, I suppose I am following this mantra.

For several years I have worked toward the moment of releasing a self-produced, mostly self-directed music project. The recording is finished, the studio days are behind me and only a few pieces of the puzzle lie ahead. Now, if you're a puzzle fanatic, you know that you can spend 75% of your time on the remaining 10% of the puzzle. The flowers, trees and animals are all in place, but I just can figure out where to place the 37 identical blue sky pieces! 

In this moment, my puzzle consists or reorienting my image as an artist through graphics, colors, text, web design, video and social media; Essentially everything except music! The elements are more important than ever in an industry where you need to convey your SOUND through a LOGO or a BIO or a VIDEO. I'm extremely pleased for the opportunity to redefine my work, and I'm finding that this process is as helpful in understanding myself as it will be for others to understand me. Still, I can't help but feel that I'm left with those 37 identical blue sky pieces...

Now to OPEN & RELEASE: I am humbled to look back at the beautiful, puzzle-y masterpiece created with my talented crew (and your generosity) and I am inspired to LET GO and RELEASE and MOVE FORWARD to make room for the final part of this debut. Forget Spring Cleaning - Let's dig deep this Fall and journey on! I'm grateful that you are joining me and I hope you may be inspired to explore your own idea of OPEN & RELEASE!


Assaf and I with the String Quartet from "Music That Makes the Wind Blow".    Brendan Speltz, violin; Lavinia Pavlish, violin; Milena Pajaro-van der Stadt, viola; Andrews Janss, cello. Recorded at Headline Studio, Mamaroneck, NY.

Assaf and I with the String Quartet from "Music That Makes the Wind Blow".

Brendan Speltz, violin; Lavinia Pavlish, violin; Milena Pajaro-van der Stadt, viola; Andrews Janss, cello. Recorded at Headline Studio, Mamaroneck, NY.

PS: Yes, it's a good album title (maybe), but I have other ideas. To be REVEALED SOON!

Everything I've Got Belongs To You (8/30/16)

ARCHIVE 8/30/16

Hi friends & family! I'm back to tell you that the recording session at Carriage House studios was a phenomenal SUCCESS! Here is a recap:

  • Wed 8/17 - Rehearsal with full band in Brooklyn, then off to stock up on liquid refreshment and food to last us for 3 days. Setup in studio. Late-night jam.
The Rhythm Section! Assaf Gleizner, Mark McLean, Ray Cetta

The Rhythm Section! Assaf Gleizner, Mark McLean, Ray Cetta

  • Thurs 8/18 - I made lots of eggs. We drank lots of coffee. Videographer and friend Ryan McGovern (ROO MCGOO!) arrives with camera! The talented Morgan Price (sax/woodwinds) arrives by Metro-North. We make music! We play with puppies! We make more music! We give each other high-fives!
  • Fri 8/19 - We wake up happy. I go on a 1/2 mile run. Bjorn goes on a 112-mile run. Ray sleeps in. Assaf gets a flat tire fixed. Joe eats some eggs. More recording! We finish late in the evening and thank studio-owner, Johnny Montagnese, who, along with Mikhail Pivovarov, made our time at Carriage House a complete delight (not to mention a saving-grace in the wake of losing our other studio). Thanks, guys!
Vocal Booth at Carriage House

Vocal Booth at Carriage House

Since the session...

...we've been busy with Swingaroos wedding gigs, spa time, and scheduling the next phase of work for the album. There is still much to be done, including some additional recording with a STRING QUARTET on an original song, choosing our best takes, mixing (by the Heaven-sent Joe DiGiorgi), mastering, design and concert planning. With continued luck, I will be hosting a Friends, Family & Press Pre-Release Concert & party in November/Early December for all of my supporters. You will receive the first copies of the Album, which will not be publicly released until 2017. 


Packing up the kids (Left to Right: Banjo, Tuba, Bass. Not pictured: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Packing up the kids (Left to Right: Banjo, Tuba, Bass. Not pictured: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Upcoming Performances...

And if you are around this week, please stop by one of these shows and say hello!

  • Wed 8/31 - Piano/Vocal Duo on the rooftop at Winston (130 Main St, Mt Kisco) from 6-9pm with pianist Joey Lieber. (*Free Cava tasting and $5 cocktail special.)
  • Thurs 9/1 - Bassist/Bandleader/Man of My Heart, Ray Cetta, makes his Birdland debut at 6pm with his Latin brass band, LA RECETA. Morgan Price, featured saxophonist on the album, will be a special guest that evening. Doors open at 5pm.
  • Fri 9/2 - Solo Banjo/Vocal performance at the Gazebo on Nyack's Main Street. Part of the Nyack Art Collective's First Fridays! 6-8pm.

With warmest wishes and continued thanks,


Coming to you from school! (7/11/16)

ARCHIVE 7/11/16

Hi everyone!

I am on lunch break at SUNY Purchase right now. I am delighted to spend the next two weeks coaching a Creative Vocal Lab precollege course for middle and high school students. These kids rock! 3 hours in and they have already improvised their own 4-part arrangements of pop songs (Don't worry, I'll get them into the old stuff very soon). It's very inspiring. What a beautiful, bright light in the midst of our current challenges. 

I want to let you know that the project is 80% funded! Woohoo! Thank you for believing in this album. I KNOW we will make the goal in the next 5 days. It simply has to happen, because your support is confirming my faith in this project more and more every day. I am  so inspired to continue working on my material for the upcoming recording, which will happen in Woodstock in a little over a month. Please continue to share and nudge! Additional support is still needed for this album to come to fruition.

Love and Music always,


PS - If you are in Brooklyn this Wednesday, come out to a free Swingaroos show at Radegast Hall and Biergarten. 9pm-12am!  

Courtesy of Florida Studio Theatre

Courtesy of Florida Studio Theatre