"How Little We Know..." (8/14/16)

ARCHIVE 8/14/16

One of my favorite songs has made the cut onto the album. I first heard it in the 1944 film, To Have and Have Not. Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael penned it for Lauren Bacall to sing to her onscreen/offscreen lover, Humphrey Bogart. It was the film that brought the famous pair together for the first time, marking the start of their epic romance [Lauren and Bogie, that is :) ] . Nothing was ever certain for them as the odds weighed heavy: a 25-year age difference, his marriage, the volatility of acting careers in Hollywood; the disapproval of the film Director who warned that Bogie's feelings toward his counterpart were typical displays for a Hollywood actor "getting into character". Their love was not perfect, but it lasted through life's trials until his death in 1957. "No one has ever written a romance better than we lived it," she wrote. 

I admire the way Bacall breezed through life both onscreen and off. Going with the flow. Working tirelessly in work and relationships: both romantic and familial. There were presumed affairs on both sides; idealistic tendencies; health complications; But I like the story best knowing they were human like the rest of us. I am doing my best to take a page from her book (and I am, in real life, reading her autobiography) and breeze through life - accepting the good with the bad and keeping a sunny outlook. Part of life is understanding your lack of control over it. 

"Maybe it happens this way. Maybe we really belong together but, after all, how little we know.

Maybe it's just for a day. Love is as changeable as the weather and, after all, how little we know.

Who knows why an April breeze never remains?... why stars in the trees hide when it rains?

Love comes along casting a spell; Will it sing you a song - will it say a farewell? Who can tell?

Maybe you're meant to be mine. Maybe I'm only supposed to stay in your arms awhile, as others have done.

Is this what I've waited for? Am I the one? Oh, I hope in my heart that it's so.... 

...in spite of how little we know."

- HOW LITTLE WE KNOW, Johnny Mercer / Hoagy Carmichael 

View from the Skaneateles House

View from the Skaneateles House

I'm now enjoying a brief retreat with friends in Skaneateles, resting up for what will be an epic week of rehearsals and recording sessions. The week begins with a band rehearsal tomorrow in Manhattan and ends with dual recording days on Thursday and Friday in CT. Since my last update, I lost my original studio booking due to circumstances outside my control. Channeling my inner Lauren Bacall, I calmly worked for 24 hours to contact studios and found a wonderful alternative. The project will now be recorded at Carriage House Studios in Stamford, CT. Located only 45 min from the city, I will now have the opportunity to bring some fantastic musicians up for the day. I have also worked through some very difficult personnel changes, but am extremely happy with the current sound and blend. I'm honored to be playing with my favorite musicians. Also since my last update, Assaf Gleizner and I wrote three new original songs: two of which are making it onto the album. How little we know, right?

"Music that makes the wind blow, silently through the window...

Seen as the breeze awakens the trees, then whistles toward the meadow.

Music that drifts above you, welcoming hearts to love what's peaceful and seeking and true.

Some will try to capture it and hide it; losing time, for love won't be divided.

Music that cools the weather brings all the world together...breeze by breeze."

- MUSIC THAT MAKES THE WIND BLOW, Kim Hawkey (music by Assaf Gleizner)

Can't wait to keep you posted on the progress. 

Love, music and happiness,