And now the fun begins! (7/19/16)

ARCHIVE 7/19/16

Dear Friend,

You are one of over 105 supporters of my debut recording project, to be released this year. Thanks to your overwhelming love, support and generosity, my goal of $8500 has been reached and even topped, with the grand total amounting to $8,875. Every penny of this money will be put toward this debut recording of Vintage and Original songs; including tracking, musicians, album design, physical production, mixing and mastering. 

I will say once more: THANK YOU. This is a dream that has been growing for the past two years; a dream that will come to fruition in a month! You are allowing me the rare opportunity to create and produce a project independently, with full, creative license given to my imagination and to the brilliant minds of my collaborators. 

The freedom has already sparked my muse! There are now four original songs in the works, which I hope will make it to the final album. These originals reflect and complement the selections of the classic jazz, pop and folk songs that I chose for the project. I can't wait to use this project as a way to honor great songwriters while carrying on their tradition with new music and lyrics!

The Recording Session

Next month in Woodstock, NY! Check out the magical DREAMLAND STUDIOS, where we will be tracking the session over two full days. I will be joined by Assaf Gleizner (pianist/co-writer), Ray Cetta (bass), Mark McLean (drums), Bjorn Ingelstam (trumpet), Joe DiGiorgi (engineer), and Ryan McGovern (videographer). As the arrangements come together, we will decide what other sounds and voices will suit the tracks.  **POST EDIT: The recording was done at Carriage House Studios in Stamford, CT over August 17-18, 2016


I can't wait to send out the rewards! You will receive a "survey" from Kickstarter via email, which will ask you about Reward preferences and mailing/emailing info, depending on whether you selected physical perks or digital/personal perks. CDs and Digital Albums will go out after the recording is complete, of course. I am projecting November 2016, but it may be sooner. Music Lessons in person and via Skype may be scheduled at your convenience! I will be in touch, but feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss availability - 

That's all for now. Please enjoy my latest in the Vintage Song Youtube series. Happy Summer!  Love and music always

 ~ Kimberly